Un site non-officiel créé par des veilleurs et des sentinelles pour témoigner

Code of Standing Vigils

AKA’s: Veilleurs, Veilleur Debout, Veilleurs Debout, Sentinelle in Piedi, Watchmen, Vigil-Keepers.

Watchwords: Stationary & peaceful, resistant & silent – but always determined.

Why Stand Vigil?
The Standing Vigil denounces the partiality of a justice which no longer serves the common good, but governmental subjugation.
The Standing Vigil denounces police repression & the repeated, abusive imprisonment of citizens who were merely expressing their opinions.
The Standing Vigil denounces the injustice done to children through new rules for adoption, through the imminent instauration of medically assisted procreation & surrogate motherhood, & through the imposition of gender theory, taught to children from their youngest age.
The Standing Vigil calls attention from political leaders on these deteriorations today.
The Standing Vigil is open, & respects the dignity of each. Its keeper does not rest in his or her own truth, but knows to give & exchange it peacefully with others.
The keeper of a Standing Vigil understands & nurtures the force which brings him or her to stand upright in resistance.
The force of the Standing Vigil does not rest in number. It is a condition of personal resistance, a state of mind on public display, which never troubles public order.
The Standing Vigil is a prolongation, as much as an inflection, of the movement of the Veilleurs, known in English as the Watchers, Watchmen, or Vigil-Keepers.
Each keeper of a Standing Vigil, while posing very rapidly a concrete act, knows that he or she enters into a more long-term personal approach.
The keeper of a Standing Vigil acts with the joy of every resistance, yet understands that his or her action is not fulfilled in any epic or euphoric confrontation with law enforcement officials. One should also have the courage to obey orders – if only to return when the situation is more appeased.

How to Participate?
Each Standing Vigil-Keeper decides spontaneously to spend a certain time, stationary & in silence, in or before symbolic spaces (justice, power, medias…). The Vigil-Keeper thus formalizes an act of personal resistance which allows, for one part, to think on one’s commitment &, for another, to display to Government his or her incomprehension in the face of injustice. In this way, dialogue may also be opened with inquiring passers-by.
The keeper of a Standing Vigil wears no distinctive sign & does not engage in political recuperation. Each action is spontaneous, each participant free to come or go.
The Vigil-Keeper may, however, express a disagreement with law enforcement when warned or compelled to leave, by remaining silent, hands behind the head. But he or she respects law officials & attempts no illicit action. As nothing must ever be reproached, the Vigil-Keeper will never lose calm.

There is no organization. Each remains free to stand vigil in a place & for a time of personal choosing. The official Facebook & Twitter accounts exist to relay, not organize.

The Standing Vigil-Keeper neither demonstrates or protests, but simply waits. He or she yells no slogans & sings no songs. The Vigil-Keeper, & those around, simply stand tall & look toward the same direction. Waiting, not for a brave new world, but simply for a better one. A world in which the duty to protect the weakest trumps the rights of egoism. A world where children learn love rather than desire. A world in which no one is imprisoned for having dared to express an ideal. If you too, fellow Vigil-Keeper, dream of such a world, arise & hope. By all means, don’t let anyone wreck your dreams, ever.

“The force moving us is absolutely irrepressible.”

Original French version to be found here

Licence Creative Commons
The code of Standing Vigils de pourkoijeveille.net est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution – Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale – Pas de Modification 4.0 International.

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