Un site non-officiel créé par des veilleurs et des sentinelles pour témoigner

Manifesto of Sentinelles France

Faced with society’s growing individualism and relativism, the Sentinelles rise to defend mankind and civilization. They denounce the injustice and falsehoods of governments. They seek to safeguard those landmarks of family, society, and culture which are now under threat from legislation, schooling, or state disinformation.

The Sentinelles:

  • Favour the growth of children within their biological family.
  • Recognize the determinisms of nature (thus refusing Gender ideology)
  • Invite us all to return ethics to the political debate (no to commoditizing human beings through surrogate motherhood; respect for human dignity from life’s beginning to end; issues of embryo stem cell research…)
  • Aim for the common good, rather than the interest of minorities
  • Call for the respect of our heritage and of our cultural identity
  • Denounce all manipulations from politics and the media, as well as any selective indignation, pleading instead to rehabilitate the true meaning of words
  • Refuse the ideological stereotypes inherited from May 68
  • Demand an impartial justice, and the respect for liberty of conscience, of opinion, and of expression

In standing vigil, or through any other means, citizens of good will are thus called to enter into resistance.

”The simple shepherd guarding his sheep under the stars, should he become conscious of his role, finds he is more than a shepherd. He is a sentinel. And each sentinel is responsible for the whole Empire.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Original French version to be found here

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