Un site non-officiel créé par des veilleurs et des sentinelles pour témoigner

In a line like standing stones

Standing stones in Carnac (Brittany, Western France) Wikipedia picture


Why do I watch ?

I am a quite reliable sentinel since June 2013.

I am rather quiet man in my fifties, respecting law and order, and I surprised myself becoming a diligent activist. Besides being a roman catholic, the anthropological stake became too important to simply wash my hands of it. I then became more interested in news. I quickly understood how contemptuous were the people in the office towards any real democratic debate, and their lack of respect vs. any other’s opinion. I then wrote and had my views published on these deemed democracy denials, and I did participate in about 10 contests in 2013, both in the countryside were I leave and in Paris where I spend 3 days per week. Then I was choked by human rights violations, injustices, lies and unnecessary, dumb and nasty violence from our opponents.

Watchmen were a kind of revelation to me, rather productive. I didn’t attend to the first events, but I luckily understood what this action mode could bring: develop consciousness of each individual, create social link between good faith / good will people sharing a cultural and self-education approach. There again, I was choked, outraged by crazy repressive measures taken by the authorities, blinded by their certainties and willing to impose them by force, as they are unable to change our will.

Then came the judgment of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, and the tremendous chock many felt while realizing that in France, it was possible to be sentenced and jailed for one’s opinion. Of course latent hypocrisy pretended to hide facts underneath normal legal make-up, but who believes it? Then again I was outraged by injustice and I knew my duty was to join without delay the standing watchmen initiative at Place Vendôme most of the time, but also elsewhere when needed and relevant. This contest mode became essential to me and since June 2013, I regularly go to Place Vendôme as a sentinel (or standing watchmen) while I am in Paris. Joking about myself, I pretend I am like a still and unchanging standing stone from the region I love and live in. This witnesses my peaceful and implacable contest. Riot police would pretend I am not so still, as they had to carry me sometimes, when I refused to obey their orders to move away. I also wrote some articles to disclose what happened to some watchmen and how the police cracked them down.

But this is rather my personal path than the causes of my wakes.

Why do I watch ?

Of course this is to continue the anthropological struggle that made so many people stand in 2013. I am a small and insignificant soldier, displaying a family on his flashy flag, because I want to preserve the family, but also human dignity from very beginning until death, and justice, and in the end I dream democracy should reach its highest standards. These are my claims when I stand watching in front of the ministry of justice or elsewhere.

This contest method is a message to the powerful people: even though they pretend not seeing us from the back of their official shielded cars with shaded glasses, they know we are there and that we will never give up this fight. This message, repeated every day is like a splinter they can’t remove from their flesh, and it should remind them the tremendous violence they used to impose us an immoral law serving only the stakes of a small but powerful lobby.

There are some encounters, and I had the pleasure to talk to many people, French or foreigners, passing nearby and puzzled by our wakes. Explaining them our approach, the background of the movement and my claims is both a duty and a pleasure even though we may not share the same opinions and expectations all the time.
The same with meeting the other sentinels or standing watchmen : we became truly and strongly brother in arms, despite the differences in beliefs and opinions we may have.

A fire needs to be fueled to avoid extinction. Sentinels, watchmen, watchmothers should be seen as the bellows to bring oxygen to the contest. This happens through on-going activity on social network, as newspapers are so defective. From my point of view it is essential to complete our wakes by telling the world what we are doing, despite the silence of media or their rare coverage through ideological bias.

I also became a “light” subversive agent. I politely try to convince the police when we meet that their bosses are driving the country to a totalitarian regime. I find unbearable their transformation into a political private militia instead of serving the nation. Each doubt I will be able to initiate in their mind will grow a logical distrust towards their hierarchy.

Maybe to some extent I watch because I am an addict. Watching is a kind of drug that is difficult to get rid of.

Why do I watch ?

I have children, maybe one day I will become a grand-father. The world I will leave to my heirs will be battered and damaged when compared to the one I enjoyed, and I can’t imagine I am not responsible – at least partially – for it. When sued at the next generation court, I could accept many charges: not having done the right things, not having done things properly, not having done enough, not having started early enough: I could consciously plead guilty for all these charges. But having done nothing is the one thing I would not accept. Now that I realized the stake, it would be impossible, unbearable for me not to do anything.


published 9th March 2014

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