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« … like Dumbo’s magic feather … » by Remi, aged 11

To grow in trust


When I was younger, I loved to watch Dumbo’s cartoon. The scene that puzzled me and I remember often is when Dumbo is separated from his mother. The little elephant with large ears, different from others, is laughed at by all others and she was defending him alone. She even was jailed for that…

Now I am a watchman

To defend children that even their parents reject: children having Down syndrome or suffering from myopathy, handicapped ones or conceived without « parental project », these babies that are aborted or that could be, one day maybe, euthanized.

To let any child grow with his father, his mother and all his brothers and sisters.
To ensure every child is protected by adults, at home or in school.

Because I have the feeling every human being is sick like a bed whose leg is broken, and the bed is changed instead of being repaired. We prefer to kill the person instead of curing his suffering.

As a child, I need to TRUST my parents. This trust is like Dumbo’s magic feather, helping me find my direction and necessary to avoid fear.
With all these laws, how could a children still trust the others ? How could we grow ?

Today I am a watchman



published 5th April 2014


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