Un site non-officiel créé par des veilleurs et des sentinelles pour témoigner


This website aims to gather testimonies of « Veilleurs » (watchers or vigils) and « Veilleurs Debout »(standing watchers) or « Sentinelles » (sentinels).

As we stand silently and peacefully in front of symbolic government buildings, many tourists are questioning us on this initiative: « Is it a kind of ‘flash mob’ ? » . Well, it is a mob indeed. But it is far from being ‘flash’.

As the movement was initiated in France (although the idea came originally from Turkey), most of the current testimonies are written in French. However, we would like to publish these stories in English, as well as in other languages.

We try to translate them progressively and we apologize if only a few stories are available  to date in other languages than French.

Feel free to react by posting comments or sending us your questions. We will be glad to give your more explanations.

Available testimonies:

– @remseeks : « In a line like standing stones »

@manbu_lozere : « I felt the absolute certainty that I should stand among them »

Remi : « … like Dumbo’s magic feather … » by Remi, aged 11