Un site non-officiel créé par des veilleurs et des sentinelles pour témoigner

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Who are we ?


We are standing day and night since the end of June 2013 to express our concern on the government’s abuses with respect to children’s rights and democracy.
A bill has been passed in May 2013 giving gay people the right to get married and to adopt children.

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated during 6 months in the hope of being at least listened to by the French government. The only result was contempt, insults and wrong statements from the government and the majority’s MPs.
According to them, those massive demos were only constituted of homophobic neo-nazis.
The fact that many gay people were participating did not bother them.
The fact that the vast majority of us are educated, with no criminal background did not bother them.
The fact that no homophobic nor racist statements were pronounced did not bother them.
We were fascists. That was all.

November 17th : 70 000 people in Paris and 22 000 in Lyon (police) / 200 000 and 27 000 in reality
January 13th : 340 000 people in Paris (police) / 1 000 000 in reality
March 24th : 300 000 people in Paris (police) / 1 400 000 in reality
April 21st : 45 000 people in Paris (police) / 270 000 in reality
May 26th : 150 000 people in Paris (police) / more than 1 000 000 in reality

Not a single car was burnt, nor any window was broken or any one assaulted.
Never before did one witness such a huge mobilisation in France or anywhere else in the world for a cause that is not directly linked with the rights of those demonstrating.
Against this peaceful crowd, the government decided to erect a wall of policemen, arresting many of us without any legal ground.

Why so many people ? Why such a long mobilisation ? Why is it still continuing via Les Veilleurs and other kinds of mobilisation ?

Because what is at stake is the future of our society.
We refuse to abandon the weakest in order to satisfy the egoist wishes of some adults.

The kids are entitled to have one mother and one father.
But we are also worried for the old, sick, lonely people who will be soon offered euthanasia by a society that wants to get rid of them.

No one will ever silence us.
No one will ever prevent us from expressing our desire to live together, taking care of those who are weak.
Because that is precisely what is expected in every human society.



History of the Vigils

Our aim